A Restaurant Worth Tweeting About

A Restaurant Worth Tweeting About

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A Restaurant Worth Tweeting About


I was simply killing time, a restaurant pager in my hand, waiting for our name to be called for a seat at the restaurant.

Idly, I put out a tweet: ‘Waiting in a long line at Maggiano’s. Will it be worth it?’

Immediately a few followers chimed in with their experience with Maggiano’s, all advocating that we wait it out. In addition, there was this response from the company itself:

Maggianos@FoodChannel Yes, it most definitely will be! Let me know how we do.

Not too long after that, our name was called. (Yes, the wait was much less than they’d predicted, but there was no way they’d know it was us—so we’ll chalk it up to delivering beyond expectations). We were given an attentive waiter who didn’t seem to mind endless questions from those of us who’d never been at a Maggiano’s before.

With so many choices on the menu, our party of six couldn’t narrow down our selection in order to take advantage of the ‘Family Style’ menu, although it was a good deal at $28 a head. Parties of four or more can order family style, choosing two appetizers, two salads, two pastas, two entrees and two desserts – with an unlimited flow during each course.

However, we were eating late, and the half portions were more appealing – even at that, we all pass our plates around to sample. Our group chose the Braised Beef Cannelloni, the Chicken & Truffle Tortellacci, Baked Ziti & Sausage, the Rigatoni ‘D’ and a big Maggiano’s Salad – crispy prosciutto, red onion, bleu cheese and a hint of a house dressing. We skipped appetizers, although Mussels Tuscan Style and the Calamari Fritte were both tempting.

A fun feature on the menu is what they call ‘Little Italy Favorites,’ showcasing specialty dishes from Boston, Baltimore, the Hill in St. Louis, and Chicago’s Taylor Street. Half portions were in the $14 range; full portions just a few dollars more.

All in all, we found Maggiano’s to have a great atmosphere, a shareable attitude, and enough variety to satisfy anyone. Seafood, veal, steaks, chicken, pork, and pasta are all there, with enough descriptions and flavors to keep you coming back.

So, it was a fun Twitter experience and a great food experience. Social media for food addicts, at its best.

Thanks, Maggianos, for the follow and for the dinner experience. It was definitely worth it.


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