New Kitchen Cabinets Feature "Star Trek Effect"

New Kitchen Cabinets Feature "Star Trek Effect"

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New Kitchen Cabinets Feature "Star Trek Effect"


By Cari Martens

Forget about the search for intelligent life in the universe. How about intelligent cabinets for your kitchen?

Anvil Cabinet and Mill has introduced a line of fully automated, ‘intelligent’ kitchen cabinets that automatically fold and disappear almost like a Roman shade (or Star Trek doors). The cabinets are activated by motion sensors; a simple wave of the hand or tap of a finger opens or closes the cabinets. We discovered these futuristic cabinets at the web site

Instead of a hinged, swinging action, the cabinets’ computerized technology lets the doors rise and fall vertically, revealing or concealing what’s inside.

The cabinets can be programmed to function in a variety of ways. For example, you could program all cabinets to close when you leave the kitchen, or integrate the Anvil Motion with lighting control and HVAC.

There’s also a fingerprint recognition security option to control access to things like prescriptions, sharp objects or valuables.

Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock should definitely have these babies installed.

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