A Toast to Mom on Mother's Day

A Toast to Mom on Mother's Day

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A Toast to Mom on Mother's Day


Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day is really pretty easy. All she really wants is a day off from cooking and cleaning, something good to eat, and a little quality time with her family.

Surprise Mom with breakfast in bed.

One key to making the day special for her: start the pampering early. Get up before she does and fix her breakfast in bed. Our recipe for French Toast with Peaches and Raspberries will start Mom’s day off right. (And, yes, we know that French Toast wasn’t really invented in France, but rather by an American immigrant named “French.”)

Let the kids help out by adding some of the ingredients, folding napkins, and maybe creating a handmade card delivered on the tray.

We’ve listed some additional Mother’s Day menu suggestions at the end of this article.

Now, here are some other little ways to make Mom’s day special.

  • Let her have a some quiet time while you watch the little ones. Bring her her favorite magazines or books and let her relax for a change.
  • Play her favorite CDs on the stereo, and maybe create a special mixed disc of her all-time favorite songs.
  • Pour her choice of cocktail, glass of wine or other beverage.
  • Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year in the restaurant business. Why not avoid the crowds and hassle, and fix her dinner at home. Grill her a steak or whatever she likes best, along with grilled fresh vegetables and whatever she wants for dessert.
  • Rent or go see a “chick flick” without complaining.
  • Take her out shopping, if that’s what she likes. Without complaining. (Maybe even help her pick out clothes or whatever’s on her wish list.)
  • Mostly, just make her feel special and cared about.

More Mom’s Day recipes:

  • If Mom would prefer something not so sweet for breakfast, this Mushroom-Spinach Strata might be something she’d fancy.
  • For dessert, you might try our Peach & Blueberry Shortcake recipe. We think it’s pretty fabulous. We’ll bet Mom will think it is, too.

Of course, don’t let Mom do the dishes today. Hopefully you can get some help from the kids, right? And wish Mom a happy Mother’s Day for us!


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