Hungry for Hungarian? The Cuisine May Be Making a Comeback.

Hungry for Hungarian? The Cuisine May Be Making a Comeback.

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Hungry for Hungarian? The Cuisine May Be Making a Comeback.


By Cari Martens

Hungarian food seems to be undergoing something of a revival these days, and it goes beyond goulash and paprika.

It’s a cuisine that is more sophisticated than many give it credit for, according to Nadia Ghattas, reporting for the Epoch Times.

Budapest was once considered the chief European rival of Paris, a cultural center for the arts and food. Coffee houses and restaurants flourished. Unfortunately, most were destroyed during the two world wars, and remained undeveloped under communism.

But Hungarian culture appears to be on a comeback these days—including its cuisine.

Hungarian cuisine is appreciated for its use of everyday ingredients and simple preparation methods. Chicken paprika is one of its most celebrated dishes, mostly because renowned chef Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) put it on the menu at his fabulous Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo.

Chef Attila Biscar recently demonstrated traditional Hungarian dishes at the International Culinary Institute in New York. Among the creations he showcased were Hungarian Vegetable Stew, Chicken Paprika with Spaetzle, and Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Sour Cream or Preserves. You can view these recipes at the Epoch Web site.

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