Artist Brings Something Original to In-Store Signage

Artist Brings Something Original to In-Store Signage

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Artist Brings Something Original to In-Store Signage


By Cari Martens

Supermarket signage can get pretty boring and repetitive. Not at Harmons grocery store. The Draper, Utah, supermarket has Rick Enbody on staff, better known as ‘Rick the Artist.’

Enbody designs the signs at Harmons—everything from a sign for a ‘Sushi 101’ cooking class to a ‘Family Night’ offer for discount tickets to the local team’s ball games to a special on Mount Athos Olives. As described in a feature story by Dawn House for The Salt Lake City Tribune, these are not just signs, they’re art. Enbody even signs many of the pieces.

Enbody’s painting for a class on hot soup

Enbody’s creations call attention to specials, promotions, and other offers in the store. And no two are alike. They’re all original ‘Enbodys’ and they add color and beauty to the décor.

The artist uses liquid chalk for some signs and acrylic latex house paint (usually the Ralph Lauren brand) for others, and he is fast, able to do as many as nine 4’ x 5’ signs in an hour.

Shoppers can sometimes see Enbody working at his easel near the store’s café, painting the latest in-store special. That’s Rick the Artist adding a bit of colorful ambiance. It’s not quite the same as watching the artists lined up along the Seine in Paris, but it’s still kind of cool. Enbody even enlists shoppers to pose occasionally and incorporates them into some of his ‘works.’

Grocery stores looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition should take note. There are always ways to take something to the next level—even something as mundane as store signage.

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