Signature Cocktails Making Statements at Weddings Today

Signature Cocktails Making Statements at Weddings Today

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Signature Cocktails Making Statements at Weddings Today


By Cari Martens

Themed cocktails have become the latest, hottest thing at wedding receptions—a must-have item on today’s wedding planner checklist.

Instead of facing the usual bull rush to the bar, arriving guests may be greeted by servers toting trays of pre-selected themed cocktails chosen for their special significance to the bride and groom. And it goes way beyond the bride’s color scheme, according to a story by Jonathan Miles in the New York Times.

If a cross-cultural couple is tying the knot, he writes, expect to see ingredients from both cultures mixed into the concoction. If there’s a geographic backstory, you might be served something like an Alabama Slammer, chosen by a couple relocating to that state. Today’s newlyweds want to make a personal statement, even with the libations being served.

‘The whole mixology trend has definitely transferred to bridal,’ says Xochitl Gonzalez, a New York City wedding planner quoted in Miles’ article.

Some cite the economic downturn as one reason for the trend. A signature cocktail is certainly a less expensive alternative to an open bar.

So, what are you to think if you arrive at the reception and get served a ‘Fuzzy Navel’? Or a cocktail called ‘Sex on the Beach’?

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