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Booze You Breathe In

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Booze You Breathe In


By Cari Martens

The Red Kiva Lounge in Chicago’s West Loop now serves a drink called the VaporTini—so called because you inhale it, rather than drink it. And we’re not talking chugging here, we mean literally inhale it.

As reported by Lisa Donovan in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Red Kiva serves this “cocktail you inhale” in a glass, along with a shot of booze warmed to 110 degrees, the temperature at which alcohol begins to evaporate.

It’s served with a straw, but rather than suck down the liquid, you’re supposed to suck in the vapors and hold them in for just a bit, according to Red Kiva owner and VaporTini creator Julie Palmer.

The rush comes over you kind of like a deep drag on a cigarette, or maybe a bong hit, Donovan writes, quickly noting that she’s not condoning drug use, just trying to explain the experience.

Palmer says she got the idea for the cocktail while visiting Helsinki, Finland, where she took part in events celebrating the shortest day of the year. One of the activities involved pouring vodka on hot coals and inhaling the vapors.

Palmer teamed with her scientist dad to create the drink. She also consulted mixologists to determine which liquors worked best and settled on two vodka VaporTinis along with one made with gin and one with bourbon. For now, the four ‘drinks,’ which sell for $10 a pop (sniff?), are only offered on Thursdays due to their labor-intensity.

The VaporTini has all of the effects of drinking alcohol, minus the calories. For some, we’d imagine, that sounds like a win-win. Inhaling and driving, however, are not recommended.

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