Tweets Help Pizza Hut to Feed the Hungry

Tweets Help Pizza Hut to Feed the Hungry

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Tweets Help Pizza Hut to Feed the Hungry


Pizza Hut has begun to use its Twitter feed to raise awareness of worldwide hunger. The pizza giant has pledged to provide four meals to World Hunger Relief for every Twitter user who ‘re-tweets’ the link to the Pizza Hut World Hunger donation page.

World Hunger Relief is a campaign that supports the United Nations World Food Program and hunger relief agencies worldwide.

“Global hunger has reached epic proportions this year, reaching more than 1 billion hungry people around the world,” says Pizza Hut President Scott Bergren. “At Pizza Hut, our goal is to get the word out about what can be done to help feed the hungry. We’re asking our customers to help us spread the word through a simple tweet, and in exchange we will provide meals for World Hunger Relief.”

The donation period continues through October 31. Donations will be made for the first 25,000 tweets, providing a total of 100,000 meals.


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