DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ Dips Into At-Home Sales Business

DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ Dips Into At-Home Sales Business

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DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ Dips Into At-Home Sales Business


Imagine a room filled with friends sitting around tasting and oohing and ahhing over chocolate…rich, premium dark, milk and white chocolate. Chocolate candies, chocolate desserts, chocolate beverages and more.

Imagine learning about chocolate, tasting chocolate, and sharing that experience with other chocolate lovers.

The home-sweet-home scenario is what drives sales for DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢, the new at-home chocolate enterprise from MARS® Snack Foods U.S., the world’s leading maker of chocolate confections.

DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ is hoping to recruit a network of citizen chocolatiers the same way Mary Kay Cosmetics has developed an army of at-home makeup salespeople, many of whom are now cruising around in pink Cadillacs.

It’s a Party…Literally.

Following the business model of Mary Kay, Tupperware, and other pioneers of home party businesses, DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ products are sold by aspiring entrepreneurs. They provide the impetus for people to then host chocolate tasting parties in their own homes. Invited friends and relatives gather to sample an exclusive line of chocolate products not sold in any store. Who can resist an evening among friends tasting heavenly chocolate treats?

“It doesn’t even feel like selling,” says chocolatier Jill Young. “I don’t have to twist any arms. Even in tough times, people still want to treat themselves to a little chocolate.”

The wide array of DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ products includes ready-to-eat chocolate treats, smoothie and martini mixes, chocolate chai tea, brownie and cookie mixes, baking chocolate, mousse mixes, even special tools for creating decadent desserts and fancy homemade chocolate candies.

Chocolate Is Hot. Home Entertaining Is Cool Again.

Last year 17 billion dollars worth of chocolate was sold in the U.S. and the fastest-growing brand of premium chocolate is DOVE®. !(border right)/files/0002/2312/dove-cupcakes_medium.jpg!Plus, the state of the economy has led to more people entertaining at home today—one more factor that may benefit DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ home sales venture.

101 Ways to Make Chocolate Goodies

DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ has created dozens of recipes for its products, ranging from Chocolate Tiramisu and Chocolate Sundae Pie to chocolate-based cocktails to Savory Chocolate Steak Sauce and Chocolate-Balsamic Salad. These can be found online at “”: Plus many are available on The Food Channel in the DESSERTS category. Just type “Dove Chocolate” in the recipe search box.

If you think you might be interested, the website also lays out its case for becoming a DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESâ„¢ chocolatier. The company says there are now chocolatiers in 48 of the 50 states.

According to the company, 40% of all women are said to be chocoholics. If that’s true, this could be a pretty sweet business to get into. Perhaps we’ll soon see chocolate color Cadillacs rumbling down the road.


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