Patrons Breathe to Get Buzzed in London Pub

Patrons Breathe to Get Buzzed in London Pub

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Patrons Breathe to Get Buzzed in London Pub


By Cari Martens

Enter the Alcoholic Architecture bar in central London and you’re suddenly enveloped in an intoxicating vapor of gin and tonic. Literally. The vapor is pumped in and customers are invited to breathe it in. You must be 21 to enter.

Tickets are £5 (about $7.30 in USD), and that gets you an hour to inhale the boozy atmosphere. You’ll want to don the special protective plastic suit, provided to help you avoid going home smelling like a distillery.

Customers say they start to feel the buzz after about 40 minutes.

Adding to the ambiance of the bar is the décor, which features gigantic limes and straws intended to make patrons feel as if they are literally ‘inside the drink.’ Recorded sound effects of liquid being poured over ice cubes are played on the bar’s sound system to further heighten the mood.

The bar was conceived by British culinary entrepreneurs Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. ‘It’s something we have always wanted to do,’ Bompas told ‘We are about making food on an epic scale and this is an epic cocktail.’

The small bar has capacity for 40 people who are advised to ‘breathe responsibly.’ So where do you find a non-breathing designated driver?

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