Duncan Hines Festival to Happen This Weekend

Duncan Hines Festival to Happen This Weekend

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Duncan Hines Festival to Happen This Weekend


The 12th Annual Duncan Hines Festival will happen on August 14 & 15, 2009 in Bowling Green, KY.

Tucked away in, of all places, the Kentucky Library & Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky is an exhibit that will draw the attention of anyone who has ever had a birthday cake in America. Because, odds are, that birthday cake was made with a Duncan Hines cake mix.

The museum exhibit honoring ‘Duncan Hines, the Man Behind the Cake Mix,’ takes many people by surprise. Not just because of its location – which happens to be in the hometown of the Hines family – but by the idea that Duncan Hines was a real person.

It’s a small exhibit packed with information. For example, did you know the following?

â‹… Ice cream was the first product sold under the Duncan Hines brand, in 1943.
â‹… Twelve models of grills were sold by Duncan Hines in 1955; each one came with a copy of the Duncan Hines Barbeque Cook Book.
â‹… Duncan Hines cake mixes debuted in 1951; the first flavors were white, yellow and devil’s food.
â‹… At one point, 150-175 products were sold under the Duncan Hines name. Today, the Duncan Hines product line includes over 80 different sweet baked-good mixes ranging from cakes and brownies to muffins and cookies as well as ready-to-spread frosting.

Hines was born in Bowling Green, and grew up to become a traveling salesman working in the printing business. His travels led him to print his own list of top restaurants around the country, which led to a book, which led to a new career. He and a business partner, Roy Park, formed a food company with the goal of ‘bringing high-quality foods to the American housewife.’

His rules for ‘good home cooks’ were as follows:

1. Give food ‘loving care’
2. Taste as you cook
3. Make good, simple dishes
4. Know when to put it on or take it off
5. Food must look good, taste good, and be good for you

In recent years a festival has grown up around the name, and the 12th Annual Duncan Hines Festival will happen on Friday and Saturday, August 14-15, 2009. The community event includes a car show, art exhibition, street dance, and – of course – a recipe contest in which entries must contain at least one Duncan Hines product.

The choices of products got a little larger this year, as, responding to the trend for more at-home baking, Duncan Hines has just released three new products:
â‹… 100% Whole Grain Muffins- the entire line of muffins has been upgraded to 100% Whole Grain including the release of two brand new flavors, triple chocolate chunk and apple cinnamon.
â‹… Confetti Cupcakes
â‹… A new snack Line of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.

‘We’re passionate about baking and committed to product innovation,’ said Lora Van Velsor, Vice President of Marketing for Duncan Hines. ‘We are confident these new products will excite consumers and bring their baking experience to a whole new level.’


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