Even In Tough Times, Takeout Takes Off.

Even In Tough Times, Takeout Takes Off.

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Even In Tough Times, Takeout Takes Off.


In these tough times it seems takeout is even more important to the average busy household. These multitaskers cannot waste time coming in to sit down, but they still like your food—and they want you to cook it.

Dine-in business has declined almost 10% from 2000 to 2005 and has continued to decline since. Yet takeout is trending up with no ceiling in sight.1 It now accounts for 39% of all business according to NPD.2

‘People are still eating at home, but they’re no longer cooking there,’ says Harry Balzer of the NPD Group, who’s been tracking consumer eating patterns for more than 20 years. If you’re not taking more advantage of your takeout program, or changing it to fit the new demands of the times, you’re missing out on valuable business.

As an operator, your best move is to have a solid takeout program to capture this shift in sales.

‘Eventually, the bar will be raised.’ says Technomic senior consultant Kathleen Chase when speaking about the need for innovation in takeout. You don’t want to be the last in line to make it happen.3

The cost to start up a profitable takeout program is minimal compared to the large return you may see. New ideas are sweeping the industry. Chain restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings are leading the industry by creating dedicated takeout stations that make it easy for customers to access. Video cameras were installed at Damon’s Grill, as well as weighted sensors, to help servers know when takeout customers drive up to get their orders. And even retail heavyweights such as Whole Foods are initiating takeout programs. Your competition is coming from everywhere, so don’t delay. The faster you respond, the sooner you’ll start to profit.

Packaging can help you take a bigger share of the takeout dollar.

‘The important point is to find what works, and then get it in the proper package, immediately,’ says Afton Romanczak, director of R&D for Steak-Out, which specializes in steak delivery. You must be careful not to look at containers as just an added expense; they represent your brand and your dining experience. For instance, if your operation is more upscale, you probably should use sleek black containers. If you run a quick-service place, foam containers project a more economical image.

Monogram® takeout packages project your brand image and deliver more profits.

When you want to make a statement about your business, Monogram has exactly what you need. Whether you want an elegant look, practical value, or a great merchandising piece, Monogram has the packaging options and the price points to maximize your program.

Polystyrene Foam Hinged Lid Containers (pdf)

Crush-resistant, nonabsorbent construction insulates food in a lightweight form. Portion control and offering different foods in one package are made easy with divided compartments. Stackable and stable, they keep food organized and secure.

Clear Plastic Hinged Lid Containers (pdf)

The lids close and stay closed for less mess and spillage. Airtight and leak resistant, they help assure customer satisfaction. The raised lid makes for more secure stacking, and the one-piece hinged design means you won’t have mismatched lids.

Black Plastic Hinged Lid Containers (pdf)

The eye-catching shape, clear domes, and attractive black bases showcase your food to its full appetizing potential. Plus, the closure system ‘clicks’ to indicated when it’s closed securely to keep the food fresh and prevent spillage. Perfect for complete Home Meal Replacement offerings as well as salads and sides—available in a wide variety of sizes.

Foil Containers (pdf)

Great for retaining delicate flavors and excellent temperature conductivity makes for fast reheating. This option is microwavable and available in a variety of sizes and combination packs.

Remember, just because fewer people are coming in doesn’t mean they don’t want to take out.

The right disposables combined with an appetizing takeout program can capture extra income, and keep your loyal fans coming back for more.

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