Quality and Reliability—That's the Monogram® Promise.

Quality and Reliability—That's the Monogram® Promise.

Food & Drink

Quality and Reliability—That's the Monogram® Promise.


The star of the show is always the food; but the all-around food experience involves much more than just the food. All the surrounding and supporting details, from the lighting to the service to the way the takeout packaging protects the lap it rides on—every subtle quality cue makes a big difference.

The Monogram brand is the choice of foodservice professionals and carries with it a heritage as the finest name in disposable items since 1987. Everything in the full line from place mats to packaging, from service ware to paper products and food safety meets the highest quality standard and provides reliability you can depend on.

Monogram has all the contemporary items and ideas to inspire you and solve your disposable needs. You can count on Monogram for innovative food presentation and packaging ideas that will help your entire operation shine with excellence.

With Monogram products, rest assured all the details will delight. That’s the promise we make every time you see the Monogram brand.

The Monogram product line includes:
… Disposable service ware: a variety of napkins, plates, bowls and cutlery
… Beverage service ware: disposable cups, lids and straws both for hot and cold beverages
… Takeout containers: hinged-lid carriers to clamshells, paper food trays and paper bags
… Food prep and storage: film, foil, deli paper and other wraps
… Coverings: selection of table covers, placemats, tray mats and doilies
… Sanitation and food safety: can and wastebasket liners, disposable gloves, scrubbers and paper products
… Cash register: register rolls and guest checks


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