Going Green Is Good for You

Going Green Is Good for You

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Going Green Is Good for You


The sustainability movement is quickly moving mainstream. It’s no longer something people wish they had; in many cases it’s something people are demanding. The core green group, 15% of the population, is now aggressively shopping for environmentally friendly goods. And more than half of all shoppers are deciding to buy green items some of the time.

The ‘going green’ thought process begins with food and beverage decisions. A study released from Packaged Facts and the Hartman group, describes how people ‘first consider the impact of things in the body, followed by on the body, and finally around the body.’ The idea of ‘living green’ includes everything from clothing to cosmetics and, of course, the packaging food comes in.

Should restaurants go green?

The answer is a big YES; it’s a growing trend that will only get bigger. A 2007 National Restaurant Association survey found that 62% of people were more likely to visit a practicing sustainable restaurant. The fact is, a majority of people are specifically interested in how a restaurant is impacting the environment.

Of course you have to have great food and terrific service, but in today’s green climate it’s also important to incorporate eco-friendly practices and tell your patrons what you’re doing.

Environmentally friendly packaging is a great way to attract the sustainable crowd.

Sustainable, biodegradable paper and plastic containers made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes, and sugar cane are a natural plus for your business. ‘This is a simple way to make a change for sustainability,’ says Greg Stevens, VP of Sales and Marketing for Excellent Packaging & Supply. Less is more in the new green mindset, and packaging made from sustainable material can give your takeout program a lift.

Monogram® Sustain packaging is designed to give your operation a positive, attractive green image.

Monogram Sustain™ Disposables (pdf)

The entire line of Monogram Sustain foodservice disposables is made from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, or potatoes. It sends a clear message that being sustainable is important to you and your operation. All your patrons will see the switch as an appetizing improvement.

The Monogram Sustain line offers a variety of products, including cups, hinged containers and plates, to help give your restaurant and takeout program a greener identity.

Hot & Cold Beverage Cups (pdf)

These petroleum-free hot cups made with paper and lined with 100% PLA corn plastic can withstand temperatures up to 220€F. Available in 12-oz. or 16-oz. Cold cups are made from corn, but feel and perform just like traditional plastic cups. The reinforced rim makes them very durable, especially when attaching lids. Available in 9-oz., 12-oz., 16-oz.and 20-oz.

Clear & Fiber Containers (pdf)

The petroleum-free corn-based clear containers perform like traditional plastic and save 65% of resources versus petroleum-based plastic. The strong, durable fiber containers made from sugarcane can handle hot food up to 190€F. Engineered for improved performance over similar sugarcane products.

Being a true friend to the environment can help your business.

Most important, being green helps you keep pace with the growing concern for our ‘shared’ environment. It’s here to stay, and it makes all kinds of business sense to jump on board.


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