Evian Launches New Line of Sparkling, Still Waters

Evian Launches New Line of Sparkling, Still Waters

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Evian Launches New Line of Sparkling, Still Waters


The Evian Natural Spring Water brand has launched a new line of glass bottled products, featuring Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, a natural still and sparkling water combination that will be available in limited geographies beginning this month. The pair was previewed at the National Restaurant Association show in May.

‘The new glass range of products from Evian and Badoit, each with unique origins and mineral composition, are the perfect complement to any fine dining experience,’ says Lauren Kinelski, public relations manager for Danone Waters of America. Danone is the exclusive importer and marketer of Evian and Badoit in North America. ‘In fact, in France, Evian and Badoit are the country’s number-one fine dining pair and a favorite among discerning diners,’ Kinelski says.

Beginning this month the new Evian and Badoit products will be available to the restaurant channel, in limited geographies, in both 750 ml (dinner for two) and 330 ml (individual consumption) formats. Both Evian Natural Spring Water and Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water come in matching elegant bottles that complement front-of-the-house ambiance and are also easy-to-stock, easy-to-serve and 100 percent recyclable.

Evian’s uniquely balanced mineral composition and subtle flavoring are meant to provide a delicate accompaniment to high-end meals. Badoit is a sparkling natural mineral water, with a unique mineral composition, abundance of fine, long-lasting bubbles and light taste. The Evian-Badoit harmonious duo is recommended by many chefs as well as award-winning sommelier Dominique Laporte.

‘We are confident that restaurateurs and foodies alike will join us in proclaiming that finally, ‘La Badoit est arrivée!,’’ Kinelski added.

Click here to view our video report on the Evian launch from the NRA Show.


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