FoodWire, September 2009

FoodWire, September 2009

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FoodWire, September 2009


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Top 10 Seafood Trends
Food Channel KitchensTop Ten Lists Lead the Way

This month our fearless foodie forecasters posted two top ten lists examining the coming food trends for Back to School and for the world of Seafood. On the seafood waterfront, we’re going deep. In addition to our Top Ten Seafood Trends, we take a close look at what’s new on the seafood menu. Plus, we have reviews of some choice seafood restaurants, and an important article on seafood sustainability. And check back later. We’ll have lots of great seafood recipes you’re going to want to try. To check it all out now, go to www.foodchannel/beyondtheplate.

Our Back to School projections analyzed changes in the lunch-time carrier (“It’s in the Bag”), social networking (“Think Social”), and eight other hot buttons for the new school year.

Surfing the Channel
Recipes from the Heart book
VIDEO: Breaking Bread with Neighbor’s
The Food Channel’s Christen Nehmer discovers the multi-sensory pleasures of fresh baked bread with a visit to Neighbor’s Mill bakery/restaurant in Harrison, Ark., interviewing “Neighbor’s” owner, Mike Nabors. It was all very neighborly…and the aroma of scratch-made breads and pastries was intoxicating.

Grilling 101: From BBQ Basics to the Latest Techniques
PBS’s Judy Woodruff Shares Her Favorite Summer Recipe
The veteran newswoman gets to be the interviewee for a change…and shares her family recipe for Maryland Blue Crabs.
Food Channel Facebook page
On the Road to Oregon for the Sustainability Discovery Tour
The Food Channel headed to the Pacific Northwest for in-depth coverage of this important environmental effort.

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