Monogram Sustain™ Makes It Easy To Go Green

Monogram Sustain™ Makes It Easy To Go Green

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Monogram Sustain™ Makes It Easy To Go Green


The shift in how people look at the environment now versus even just a few years ago is quite dramatic. In fact, 93% of consumers are making a conscious effort to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives.1 Also, 60% of consumers say they are likely to choose a restaurant based on its level of environmental friendliness.2

Monogram Sustain is a great way to connect with the green movement.

The Monogram Sustain (pdf) line was created to provide you with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional foodservice disposables. Monogram Sustain products contain renewable resources and are also compostable, biodegradable, petroleum free and nontoxic.

By utilizing Monogram Sustain products made from renewable resources, your patrons will feel good knowing that their decision to eat at your place is benefiting the environment. Your new green message will create goodwill and make your patrons even more loyal.

All Monogram Sustain products are made from renewable crops such as corn, potato, and sugarcane. This ensures they are sustainable from the moment they are created. Our commitment to sustainability is that Monogram Sustain products will only use materials that can be grown and harvested.

You don’t sacrifice a thing by going green with Monogram Sustain.

Monogram Sustain products perform just as well as petroleum-based plastics and traditional foam products. From petroleum-free plastic and paper beverage cups with strong, reinforced rims to fiber containers that have been engineered to outperform similar products, Monogram Sustain products are tough, durable, and built to help the planet everybody shares.

1The Hartman Report on Sustainability: Understanding the Consumer Perspective, 2007
2National Restaurant Association, May 2008


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