How Do You Take Your Coffee: Cream, Sugar, Collagen?

How Do You Take Your Coffee: Cream, Sugar, Collagen?

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How Do You Take Your Coffee: Cream, Sugar, Collagen?


By Cari Martens

The nutri-cosmetics trend has plunged into new territory with the Nestlé company’s announcement that it has launched a new addition to its ‘Body Partner’ coffee line: Nescafé with Collagen.

The new product, targeted at women, contains coffee, skim milk and 200mg of collagen—the protein found naturally in body tissue. Collagen is used in some cosmetic surgery procedures such as lip enhancements, and is an ingredient in many anti-wrinkle creams.

Health experts are skeptical that drinking collagen would boost levels in the skin because they say it would be quickly broken down and passed through the digestive system.

Press reports indicate the only country that has seen the new collagen-infused product so far is Singpore. The nutri-cosmetics trend is expected to experience significant growth globally and is particularly advanced in the Asian markets.

Other Nescafé Body Partner products include an instant coffee with high-calcium milk, and another with tongkat ali and ginseng, two compounds said to increase libido. Hmm, maybe I should start drinking more coffee.

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