Master of the Universe Football Pizza

Master of the Universe Football Pizza

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Master of the Universe Football Pizza


It’s your party. And you’d probably like to watch the game too—or at least see all those commercials that cost $3 million a piece, right? The Food Channel chefs are lining up with you on that score. So we’ve prepared a Super Bowl Buffet that makes you look like a champ without wiping you out behind the line of scrimmage.

You’ll hit paydirt immediately with our Master of the Universe Football Pizza. This monster starts with a cheese-stuffed crust and has Hall of Fame written all over it. Indulgent? Well, yeah. It’s topped with four kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese, bell peppers and black olives.

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Our recipes for Red Zone Buffalo Wings, Touchdown Chili, and Blue Cheese-Bacon First Down Dip are a cinch to earn cheers from you and your guests.

Plus, be sure to try some of these ideas that will make your Super Bowl Bash more fun for your guests, and easier for you.

Hints for Having a Super Bowl Blast

Organize a points pool. Have guests draw numbers before the kickoff. Winners are determined by who has the last digit of each team’s score. (Anyone who’s ever worked in an office or factory knows how to do this. Everyone can put in a dollar, or just award a gag prize to the winner).

Be ad critics. Sometimes the commercials are more entertaining than the game. Go to Superbowl Ads and check out their ‘Preview of Who’s Advertising in 2011’ to create a ballot for the game telecast and have everyone rank their most and least favorites. Check USA Today the day after the game to see how your voting compares with their panel.

Set the buffet. To set up the buffet table, arrange bowls and plates for serving at the front of the table. Place serving spoons, tongs and ladles on small plates around the food, and arrange rolled napkins with silverware inside. Place glasses at the end of the buffet.

Keep drinks handy. Serve with a generous assortment of beer and soda in a large tub filled with ice.

Be ready for overtime. Keep wings warm in a chafing dish or on a hot plate.

Add creative toppings. With chili, it’s all about the toppings. Have plenty of choices for guest customizing. Small bowls of toppings, such as shredded cheeses, warm rice, sliced jalapenos, onions, hot sauce, avocados and rustic crackers make the buffet appear more bountiful without requiring a lot of your time in the kitchen.

Work ahead. Make the chili a day ahead, then just heat it up on game day or keep it in a crock pot. Make the dip ahead of time too, and pop it in the oven just before the party kicks off.

Make it easy. Go easy on yourself and order takeout wings from your favorite restaurant. Arrange on an impressive platter and serve with prepared ranch or blue cheese dressing. Top the wings with crumbled blue cheese to draw “oohs” from your guests.

Make it light. For waist watchers, serve a veggie tray from the supermarket and use pita bread for dipping.

Buy what you can. Your local supermarket will have cool stuff to add color and flair to your party: football-decorated cookies and cakes in the bakery, napkins and tablecloths in the paper goods section.

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