Of Ticks, Blueberries, and Perspective

Of Ticks, Blueberries, and Perspective

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Of Ticks, Blueberries, and Perspective


I’m not a tick sort of girl.

I’m one of those women who thinks ‘roughing it’ means I have to skip a few weeks between manicures. Who loves the idea of camping but never the reality. Whose longing for the great outdoors is completely fulfilled by watching ‘Australia’ on an imax screen.

But last night I found a tick crawling up my knee, and I had only myself to blame. Myself and my craving for blueberries, that is.

The Food Channel is fortunate to have access to some acreage where we can get our own fruits and vegetables for many of our recipes and photo shoots. It’s a beautiful place (just look at some of our videos) and always a delight to take the drive out in order to be part of a shoot. And, every once in a while, I find the time to pitch in for some of the prep work.

Like yesterday, when I felt the need to clear my head and decided blueberry picking would be just the thing. After all, it’s pretty mindless work. I reach into a bush, choose the ripest berries, tug gently, and drop the selection into a bucket. Repeat until bucket is full.

During this activity, my mind was free to think through weightier issues. After awhile, nothing seemed as important as moving that bush enough to uncover the secret horde of ripe berries. The sweat pouring down my face seemed healthy and reminded me that the issues with which I am grappling are easier than daily hard labor would be. My issues sort of fell into a better place. After about an hour and a half, I had perspective . . . and more than three quarts of berries.

Sure, I had to deal with a tick. I consider it fair trade for blueberry pie.

Check back soon for our great blueberry feature and recipes – the blueberry cake pictured (left) is just a taste!


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