One Holiday Option: Thanksgiving Delivered

One Holiday Option: Thanksgiving Delivered

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One Holiday Option: Thanksgiving Delivered


By Cari Martens

Don’t feel up to cooking a big Thanksgiving feast this year? But don’t feel like going out to dinner either? How about having Thanksgiving dinner—with all the trimmings—delivered right to your door?

There are several online companies available that will do just that. Seems there are more companies offer this hassle-free option every year. offers a Thanksgiving Dinner for Two delivered to your door for $99.99 (including shipping). The meal includes an all-natural smoked turkey breast, rosemary-sage dressing and gravy, artisan-style bread, soup, home style green beans, cranberry & pecan relish and pumpkin pie for dessert. The company’s blog also offers wine suggestions. has a Boneless Turkey Meal that’s currently on sale for $89.95 + shipping. The dinner features a 2 lb. boneless smoked turkey breast, plus green bean casserole, roasted vegetables in garlic oil, and whipped potatoes. Serves 4. Desserts and appetizers are available for an additional charge. offers a Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner Supreme for Four for $149.99 + shipping that includes sliced roasted turkey breast, apple pecan stuffing, corn with asparagus and red peppers, pumpkin pie, and red skin mashed potatoes.

These are three prime examples, but you can find more dinner delivery options by doing a little online research. Restaurants in your area may have similar meal delivery solutions.

So, if whipping up the big meal is just not your thing, this is one way to avoid all the hassle. You can leave the cooking to the pros and spend more time with your guests. About all you’ll need to do is to heat the precooked foods in the oven or microwave, and you’ll be set.

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