Penny Pinching Potluck

Penny Pinching Potluck

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Penny Pinching Potluck


In today’s tough economic times, people are faced with more time on their hands and less money in their pockets. In preparation for Easter, the chefs of The Food Channel kept that in mind – and, most importantly, the knowledge that people want to be comforted by the warm company of family and friends.

As a result, we decided to roll up our sleeves in the kitchen and go potluck for Easter. At the time, we didn’t realize how enjoyable this experience would be, but it gave us time together to share some of our favorite family activities. Spending time together in the kitchen gave us an appreciation for old recipes we’d seemed to ‘brush under the rug.’

You undoubtedly have your own potluck favorites; if not, just think about fresh ideas for old recipes. For example, with a simple and inexpensive five-pound bag of potatoes, we were able to add a fresh twist to an old recipe – turning it into Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes. We’d forgotten how good scalloped potatoes could be!

Taking the time to make Raspberry Rhubarb Tart from scratch proved to be a money saver as well. It costs just pennies to make the piecrust, and making pies and tarts are a memory that will last a lifetime. (The story of my mother’s first pie still comes up in family discussion today!)

This year, coming together to celebrate Easter can be about the time we put into a dish rather than the money spent making it. In tough economic times, helping each other out and the camaraderie between family and friends is what it’s all about.



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