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Seafood on the Menu


The Food Channel® recently asked its followers on Twitter, ‘Why do you eat fish?’ Responses included ‘Because it’s delicious!’ to, ‘We like the flavor of fish, and its one of the foods that my daughter asks for and doesn’t complain about,’ all the way to, ‘I don’t. Can’t figure out how to cook it and make it edible.’

It is our goal to help remove some of the mystic surrounding seafood, by providing recipes and inspiration, menu tips, and ideas for what goes best with fish. Take these ideas and adapt them to your own kitchen!

The tuna casserole is dead. Long live the seafood casserole! In other words, this value-based dish, long a staple of newlyweds, is showing up in new forms. For example, lobster macaroni and cheese. It is part of the up-scaling of Mac ‘n Cheese. It may have started in New York City last year with the noodle wars, but now it’s gone mainstream on menus across the country. Tuna is still ok, but now it’s Italian tuna. Oyster casserole combines oysters, saltines, seasonings, butter and lemon juice for a clean, fresh-from-the-sea flavor. For the full experience of a seafood casserole, order Zarzuela de Mariscos and just see what you get! Here’s a hint, the more variety you include in this dish from Spain, the better the flavor.

Have you looked at the canned fish aisle lately? It’s a wash with easy open containers and pouches, cans packed complete with crackers, herb seasoning for the tuna and new choices beyond salmon and tuna. It’s a great way to pack a lunch with healthy intent and portion control, with no standing in line at the company microwave.

How about a crab cake burger, or a fishburger—basically fish patties mixed with breading and seasonings, then fried? Or flounder with coleslaw and rye bread for an unusual Reuben? And, of course, anything with bacon—like the seafood BLT featuring mahi-mahi, remoulade sauce, bacon and tomato. Fish is turning up between the bun more and more, as people look for a handheld alternative to beef, chicken and pork. Grilled fish as an option is gaining in popularity, too.

Soups & Stews
Clam Chowder is not your only option anymore. There’s Conch Chowder and Shrimp Bisque, She-Crab Soup and Mussel soup made with a little dry white wine and cream. Cioppino and many of the new Peruvian stews are moving into the mainstream, too. Peru is famous throughout South America for its food. As a major fishing nation, fish is abundant, and prepared with imagination. Most of these meals include one of the different kinds of “aji”, or Peruvian hot pepper.

Lobster Ravioli isn’t the only pasta gaining prominence. Every type of pasta imaginable can be enhanced with a bit of seafood—Crab Linguine, Fettuccine Alfredo with Clams, Crab Cannelloni, Risotto, and more. One of the best dishes we’ve seen all year was a linguine with shrimp and scallops, with a light cream sauce – delectable!

Here, you find innovations such as a tempura shrimp roll, and ethnic flavors such as Szechuan Shrimp. Try stir-fry and curries. It’s not just about peel ‘n eat (although there’s nothing wrong with that!)

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