Selling Beef Like Tupperware

Selling Beef Like Tupperware

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Selling Beef Like Tupperware


By Cari Martens

A Japanese trading company has borrowed the business model of companies like Tupperware and Amway, selling and delivering beef and other food products door-to-door.

As reported by Jon Condon on the Australian website farmonline, the Sugarlady Company has built a customer base of 300,000 families who order foods from a yearly catalog.

The Sugarlady name comes from the original founder of the company, Mr. Sato, whose name means ‘sugar’ in Japanese. Sato employs housewives to sell his products door to door, and they became known as the Sugarladies.

The Sugarladies don’t just take orders and deliver foods. They also host tasting parties to attract new customers, and they must learn to prepare every item in the firm’s catalog.

The company sells more than 800 products including dried and fresh fruits, cakes, ready-to-cook meals, spices and seasonings. Fresh meat represents about a third of Sugarlady’s sales.

The company imports all its beef products, split roughly equally between Australia and New Zealand.

It would be interesting to see if the Sugarladies would be successful in the U.S., competing with companies like Schwan’s and Omaha Steaks.

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