Selling Fresh Veggies Like the Ice Cream Man

Selling Fresh Veggies Like the Ice Cream Man

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Selling Fresh Veggies Like the Ice Cream Man


By Cari Martens

In many Detroit neighborhoods, you’re much more likely to live closer to several liquor stores than to a grocery store. More than half the city’s residents must travel at least twice as far to reach the nearest grocery store as they do to a fast-food restaurant or convenience store.

As reported in an article on, many Detroit citizens shop for groceries at liquor stores and corner markets that don’t sell much in the way of fresh fruits or vegetables. The lack of fresh food is a public health problem in the city, which has one of the country’s highest obesity rates.

Rolling to the rescue: the Peaches and Greens truck.

Five days a week the brightly painted truck cruises the neighborhood streets of urban Detroit selling fresh produce in the style of the Ice Cream Man. Instead of a jaunty children’s jingle, the loudspeaker plays R&B music and announces: ‘Nutritious, delicious. Brought right to you. We have green and red tomatoes, white and sweet potatoes. We have greens, corn on the cob and cabbage, too.’

The truck brings affordable fruits and veggies to families on public assistance, homebound seniors and others who have trouble getting to the supermarkets located in the Detroit suburbs.

The Peaches and Greens Produce Market truck is the result of a community development nonprofit organization called Central Detroit Christian. Founded and based in the neighborhood in which it operates, the CDC started as a faith-based youth organization. The truck began making its rounds last November.

If this idea works in Detroit, it seems likely it could succeed in other cities facing similar situations. It’s idea that’s worth watching closely.

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