TrendWire, March 11, 2009

TrendWire, March 11, 2009

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TrendWire, March 11, 2009


The Food Channel Trendwire
March 11, 2009 • Volume 23, Number 3 •

Sales of Edible Cosmetics Expected to Rise…in Department Stores

For centuries, people have searched for solutions to help them look and feel younger. Seekers of the legendary Fountain of Youth, such as Alexander the Great and Ponce de Leon, travelled many miles in their quest, but you may only have to travel to the cosmetics counter to find the latest in consumable cosmetics designed to stop, and possibly reverse, many of the common signs of skin aging. Glowelle ( is a new beauty drink developed by food giant Nestle, and it’s getting rave reviews in beauty mags and websites.


We first tipped you off to Glowelle at our website, But what’s unusual about this health food product is that it’s available at Neiman Marcus, the high-end retail department store. Rather than competing with other “functional foods” in the grocery store aisles, Glowelle sits alongside cosmetics, wrinkle creams, and cleansers. This unusual placement for a food product may pay off. In a store where customers are already expecting to pay $10-$30 for mascara, they may not blink at Glowelle’s price tag of $40 for a week’s supply.

The new beauty drink is made with natural ingredients such as apple extract and quercetin, both from the apples (check out our TrendWire from November 2008 for the inside scoop on new apple science), beta carotene, cocoa extract, CoQ10 (found in eggs, mackerel, and peanuts), goji berry extract, pomegranate extract, and a host of antioxidants (such as selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E) that pump up your skin’s natural protections.

If you don’t have a Neiman Marcus anchoring your local mall, you can purchase Glowelle ready-to-drink bottles and drink mix sticks directly from its website at


Starbucks Introduces Instant Coffee

After 20 years of research, Starbucks is ready to launch an instant coffee. Starbucks Via™ Ready Brew is the latest product developed by the Seattle coffee giant. Devotees can preorder a 10-ounce Ready Brew tumbler and 6 packets of coffee (Italian Roast or Columbia) for $21.95 at the website, The product is scheduled to ship on March 3. Users fill the tumbler with either hot or cold water (depending on what temperature you’d like to enjoy), add a coffee packet, stir, rest for 10 seconds, then enjoy. Refill packs are available for $9.95 for 12. The new coffee will be available in-store in Seattle and Chicago on March 3, then in London later in the month. The Food Channel was there for the debut day of this new product. See our coverage of the Chicago sampling at


Starbucks representatives swear that the flavor of the Via Ready Brew is unlike any instant coffee experience and matches the flavor of their signature coffee. “We have worked for nearly 20 years to develop an instant coffee that offers customers the quality and taste they expect from fresh-brewed Starbucks coffee, and a unique and convenient way for them to enjoy it,” said Starbucks chairman, president and CEO Howard Schultz in a statement at the company’s website, “This is a big move for us—the opportunity to reinvent a category, create new rituals and grow our customer base is substantial.”

Many industry experts agree that Starbucks may be making new rituals, but they may not be the rituals it hopes to create. Some argue that the only reason Starbucks can continue to charge $4 for a latte is because of its established brand and marketing image. They believe an instant product will dilute that image. Some contend it’s the latest response to the global recession. But others see fair trade and sustainably grown coffee as still-affordable luxuries, even at $10 for 12 ounces. Schultz argues that this move is a way for the company to diversify and move into the $17B worldwide instant coffee business. While instant coffee use in the United States is only at about 7%, it’s much higher in Asia and Eastern Europe.



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