What is Grappa?

What is Grappa?

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What is Grappa?



There is a recipe for The Confession, that has Grappa-Cherry Liqueur-Champagne-I do not know what Grappa is. Can you help?




Grappa is an Italian liquor traditionally drunk after a meal (it supposedly aids in digestion). Real Grappa must be made in Italy in order to use that name. You can purchase it, however, at many wine centers or online.

The website www.wineexperience.com described it this way in a recent newsletter:

Grappa is a crystal clear distilled liquid that packs a punch made from the leftovers of the winemaking process. After the grapes are pressed and the juice is drained off to ferment into wine, the leftover skins and seeds, called pomace, are made into Grappa. These leftovers are fermented and then gently heated and distilled into this Italian version of firewater!

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