Would You Wear a Whopper?

Would You Wear a Whopper?

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Would You Wear a Whopper?


By Cari Martens

Americans love to put words on their chests. We go around with tee shirts emblazoned with everything from designer names to our favorite sports teams logos to political or social messages, as well as artistic designs of all kinds.

Well, now Burger King wants to get into the arty apparel biz. The fast food giant has unveiled Burger King Studio Today, a line of art on modern and edgy apparel and lifestyle gear.

p(left caption). BURGER KINGâ„  Studio boutique store at Universal CityWalk® in Orlando, FL.

Much more than BK logos on tee shirts, the endeavor is described as part art gallery, part creative laboratory, built around designs created by young, cutting-edge artists inspired by the Burger King brand.

Burger King Corp. plans to make Burger King Studio designs available in boutique stores and retailers in the weeks ahead, but people can access the designs now by visiting burgerkingstudio.com where they can create their own custom tee shirt designs. Bios of the artists also appear on the site.

I think it was back in the ’70s when I first saw a fellow wearing a tee shirt reading ‘Home of the Whopper.’ Not sure that design was officially sanctioned by the BK folks, but I guess it was a foreshadowing of things to come.

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