Your Idea & Resource Center Beyond the Plate

Your Idea & Resource Center Beyond the Plate

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Your Idea & Resource Center Beyond the Plate


Welcome to the Idea & Resource Center. This is where you will find the latest information about new products, marketplace trends and just plain enjoyment of food. Here’s where you’ll get tips that will help you become the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to food.

We know that in an uncertain economy, ideas are a great currency. Our goal is to make this the place you can go for the latest resources.

The Resource Center for Ideas and Information is where foodservice operators and consumers:

⋅ Can stay abreast of current or upcoming trends
⋅ Find a wide source of information to inspire
⋅ Have access to a variety of relevant information about a selected category including recipes, trend information, ‘ask a chef’ forum, training videos and various articles focusing on current behavior/events occurring within the category

We have partnered with The Food Channel® to bring you this innovative resource, and you will be able to move seamlessly among their pages and ours for a great online experience that gives you the best of both. The partnership brings us great consumer insight and inspiration, mixed with best-in-class knowledge.

Our goal is for the site to evolve over time to encompass a variety of categories. This time we are presenting you with insights and innovations in seafood – look through these pages for the Top 10 Trends in Seafood, summaries of the latest health and sustainability news, recipes and more. Come back in the near future for information on new categories as we add them, all to better serve you.


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15 Apr

April 15, 2023 12:36 pm · By:

Joplin, Missouri is known for a few things, including a few notable restaurants. Historically, it is probably best known as the place (…)

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