6-Year-Old Boy's Cookbook Raises $20,000 for Charity

6-Year-Old Boy's Cookbook Raises $20,000 for Charity

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6-Year-Old Boy's Cookbook Raises $20,000 for Charity


By Cari Martens

At an age when most kids are just learning to read and tie their own shoes, Carson Pazdan, age 6, is already a published author.

Last summer, with help from his mom, Alyssa, the kindergartner published ‘Kids Feeding Kids,’ a cookbook collection of more than 800 recipes from Carson and other children, plus submissions from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, actor Chris O’Donnell and California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver.

The cookbooks sold for $20 each, and all proceeds went to charity. Carson proudly presented a ‘big fake check’ that was about twice his size to the Northern Illinois Foodbank last month. But ‘Kids Feeding Kids’ generated real money for the charity. The cookbook raised more than $20,000 to feed needy families in Illinois.

Alyssa says that the concept of the kids’ cookbook was all Carson’s idea. It stemmed from the boy’s love of cooking with mom, and he’s been coming up with his own recipes for a while now, she says. As Alyssa told Andrew Greiner of nbcchicago.com, ‘One day he said, ‘you know what would be great? If we could get other kids to write down their recipes.’’ And the idea of ‘Kids Feeding Kids’ was born.

There is now also a web site, Kids Feeding Kids Club.

Guess this shows that the trend we called Food Philanthropy in our 2009 Food Trends Predictions, is still moving forward and reaching even the youngest of consumers. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

To read the full nbcchicago.com story with a link to Carson’s recipe for ‘Omelets in a Bag,’ click here.

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