Are Macarons Destined to Unseat the Cupcake at the Top of the Charts?

Are Macarons Destined to Unseat the Cupcake at the Top of the Charts?

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Are Macarons Destined to Unseat the Cupcake at the Top of the Charts?


By Cari Martens

Macarons, the delicate French pastry that looks like a puffy, pastel-colored sandwich cookie, appear poised to become the new ‘It’ sweet treat in the USA, knocking the cupcake from its top slot.

If you haven’t yet had one, you really need to seek them out—macarons are crazy-good. And by the way, they’re nothing like the chewy, coconut-encrusted macaroons you can find in the cookie aisle of any supermarket.

Until recently, macarons were almost exclusively available in high-end French patisseries such as Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. Then they started trickling into New York pastry shops, and now you can find them at retailers like Whole Foods Markets, Trader Joes, and Starbucks, as reported by Julie Jargon and Christina Passariello for the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reporters note that not everyone approves of the mass marketing of the macaron. Quoted in the story, Laetitia Brock, a Paris native who blogs about French culture, says ‘macarons are not meant to be mainstream.’ She found the Starbucks macarons to be ‘very mushy.’ Other critics say they should be eaten fresh, not as a packaged item that’s been shipped from who-knows-where.

Macarons (pronounced mack-ah-ROHNS) are made with egg whites, ground almonds and sugar. They have a soft creamy center that can be a fruit purée, a chocolate ganache, a white truffle, or even foie gras (I’ll pass on that one).

Food experts say macarons may become the ‘new cupcake’ because they offer many of the same attributes: they’re indulgent but are not too calorie-intensive, and they come in a wide range of colors and flavors.

They are oh-so-delightful. Just remember, they are spelled with just one “o.”

For the full WSJ story, which includes a recipe, click here.

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