Boston Restaurant Selling Season Passes

Boston Restaurant Selling Season Passes

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Boston Restaurant Selling Season Passes


By Cari Martens

How much would you pay for a ‘season pass’ to a sports bar?

Boston Red Sox TV color commentator Jerry Remy is hoping $500 will seem like a fair deal to the fanatical citizens of Red Sox Nation. That’s how much a ‘season pass’ will cost at his new Fenway Park-area eatery, Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill, which opened this week.

So far, upwards of 170 people have signed up for the deal which includes the following—

  • $25 food credit for each game of the season, home and away
  • Reserved table with a good view of the game on the big screen
  • The right to cut to the front of the order line
  • One free beer per game
  • Invites to ‘exclusive special events’
  • An autographed photo of Jerry Remy

The restaurant claims it’s a value of ‘up to $3,000.” If you say so, Jerry.

Now, $500 may seem like a lot to pay in the midst of a recession, but compared to what it costs for tickets to a game at Fenway (if you can find any), it may seem like a bargain. How can you put a price on the opportunity to slap a high-five with the guy at the next table when Big Papi pops one over the Green Monster? (Slugger David Ortiz has his own ‘Big Papi’s Grille’ in the Boston area, but that’s another story.)

GM of the restaurant Don Bailey says Remy’s hopes to sell 300 passes for this baseball season. They also plan to offer season packages for upcoming Patriots football ($350) and Celtics basketball ($250) seasons.

Almost like being at Fenway

As described by Jenn Abelson, writing for the Boston Globe, Remy’s is decked out to seem like an extension of Fenway Park, with a similar façade, exposed pillars, and waiters dressed in uniforms. And of course, plenty of giant screen TVs. There’s an outdoor patio and floor-to-ceiling windows that will be open when the weather warms up, so that the roar of the crowd can be heard from Fenway, which is just a strong relay throw from the restaurant.

What kind of food does Jerry Remy’s serve? Killer burgers, St. Louis Style Ribs, Texas Style Beef Brisket and 20 taps of domestic and microbrew beers.

If Jerry Remy’s season package is a home run in Boston, how long will it take for entrepreneurs in other sports-crazy cities to take notice and start marketing similar packages? Residents of Chicago’s Wrigleyville and Yankee Nation’s New Yorkers are on alert.

The Red Sox open their 2010 season at Fenway Park, facing the hated Yankees on Easter Sunday night, April 4.

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