Burgerville's New Receipt a Nutrition Fact Sheet

Burgerville's New Receipt a Nutrition Fact Sheet

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Burgerville's New Receipt a Nutrition Fact Sheet


By Cari Martens

Customers of Burgerville can now see the itemized nutritional value of their meal, as well the itemized monetary value.

The Pacific Northwest chain is the first burger restaurant chain to introduce the Nutricate program, a nutritional education and enhanced marketing initiative from SmartReceipt, Inc., according to an article in qsrmagazine.com.

The program was first tested at one of Burgerville’s restaurants in Portland, Ore., and is now being introduced at all 39 locations. It’s part of the chain’s efforts to help its guests make informed healthy food choices.

‘We want our guests to know exactly what they are getting when they order from us,’ said Jeff Harvey, Burgerville president and CEO. ‘That way guests can take control of their food choices and make sure that they feel satisfied and empowered when they eat at Burgerville. The Nutricate program offers a very clear view into how each meal fits into our overall eating habits.’

Just like the ‘Nutrition Facts’ panel you see printed on the food products sold in supermarkets, the Burgerville Smart Receipt lists calories, fiber, fat, sodium, carbohydrate counts and more.

The Smart Receipt goes even further. The data reflects customized orders such as holding the mayo sauce on a sandwich, or adding extra dressing on a salad. Plus they offer healthy hints, such as ‘try holding the chipotle mayo on your sandwich and save 180 calories and 18g of fat.” Coupons good on future visits to Burgerville are also featured on the receipts.

Pretty impressive and maybe not what you’d expect from a chain called “Burgerville.”

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