Classes in Gingerbread House Designs

Classes in Gingerbread House Designs

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Classes in Gingerbread House Designs


Among the many iconic images of the Christmas holidays, one of the classics is the gingerbread house. Fun to make. Fun to look at. Fun to eat.

But not everyone has the construction skills necessary to build a gingerbread structure that truly resembles a cute little house, rather than a ramshackle gingerbread shack likely to be condemned by local housing authorities.

To meet this need we’ve noticed that classes in gingerbread house construction are being offered this holiday season.

The House of Blues in Houston, Tex., of all places, put on a Gingerbread House Workshop last weekend, as reported by Geri Maria Harris at For a $45 fee you received instruction from a “gingerbread expert,” along with a gingerbread kit which included the gingerbread and candy, a decorated chef’s hat, and unlimited hot cocoa (do you really need hot cocoa in Houston?).

That same weekend at the Whole Foods Market in Annapolis, Md., a class in gluten-free gingerbread house building was led by Tammy Studebaker, a certified Protect Allergic Children (PAC) consultant. Kids with food allergies were shown at this special workshop that they can indeed make and enjoy allergy-free holiday treats. You can read more about it at, where you’ll also find a recipe for an allergy-free gingerbread house.

If you’d prefer to study the subject online there are a number of websites offering instruction on gingerbread house construction. This site claims to be the Ultimate Gingerbread website.

If you simply want to gaze at beautiful pictures of gingerbread homes, visit Gingerbread House Heaven for a photo tour. You can even submit your own gingerbread house photos there.

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