Continental Airlines Pouring Snazzier Drinks...for a Price

Continental Airlines Pouring Snazzier Drinks...for a Price

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Continental Airlines Pouring Snazzier Drinks...for a Price


By Cari Martens

How ’bout a cool mojito on your way to sunny Meh-hee-co?

It’s no secret that most airlines have been struggling to make a profit in recent years, and have taken to charging fees for things such as checked baggage, pillows and blankets. In-flight meals are now a privilege reserved only for first class passengers for most flights.

Now Continental Airlines has decided to try to make a few dollars by hitching a ride on the mixology trend.

The airline announced that it would begin offering ‘specialty cocktails’ on its flights.

Continental has partnered with the cocktail mixer brand Stirrings and will be serving popular mojitos and pomegranate martinis for $9 each. The Mojito is described by Continental as a crisp cocktail with a sweet, smooth blend of mint, cane sugar and lime juice, served with Bacardi Light rum on ice. Their Pomegranate Martini is a refreshing cocktail with a sweet-tart blend of pomegranate, cane sugar and lemon juice, served with Skyy Vodka on ice.

Continental has also teamed with Red Bull to offer its energy drink to passengers for $3. Customers may pair it with Skyy Vodka on ice, also for $9.

“We continue to search for premium offerings to give our customers more choices inflight,” said Mark Bergsrud, senior vice president of marketing programs and distribution. “The new specialty cocktails are top-quality products for our customers to enjoy.”

The specialty drinks, available for sale in economy class on flights to North American, Caribbean and Latin American destinations, may be purchased with a major credit or debit card in Continental’s cashless cabins.

The specialty beverage menu is part of Continental’s initiative to offer customers more choices inflight. In the fall, Continental will introduce a variety of high quality, healthy food choices for purchase in economy class on many U.S./Canada and certain Latin American routes.

In April, Continental—which is planning a merger with UAL Corp.’s United Airlines—said its first-quarter loss was deeper than most analysts had expected despite revenue increases as bad weather, higher fuel costs and slow economic improvement all took a toll on its bottom line.

Soon the airline’s flight attendants will be doing their part by asking passengers, “Coffee, tea, pomegranate martini?”

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