Creating an Authentic Cinco de Mayo Cocktail

Creating an Authentic Cinco de Mayo Cocktail

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Creating an Authentic Cinco de Mayo Cocktail


Classic cocktails influenced by a modern twist are one of the hottest libation trends of the year. From behind the bar, mixologists infuse simple syrups, fresh herbs and even distill their own liquor to create new versions of old time classics.

Utilizing the creativity of this trend while stretching ingredients on hand for a Cinco de Mayo party, Chef Roberto Santibañez, owner and chef of popular Mexican restaurant Fonda in Brooklyn, New York, plays with the classic MiChelada recipe to make it his own.

‘Classic MiCheladas started showing up in restaurants and around dinner tables in the late 1940’s when Mexicans began adding hot sauce and lime to their beer. Since then, a variety of styles of the MiChelada have been created,’ says Chef Santibañez. ‘MiCheladas can vary from region to region in Mexico but the main ingredient is always Mexican beer. With a Modelo Especial or Negra Modelo as a base, salt the rim of a chilled glass, then fill with more spices, tomato juice and lime to make a classic version.’

To customize cocktails to meet the tastes of all your guests, set-up a bar with some traditional sauces and spices including:

⋅ Worcestershire sauce
⋅ Soy sauce
⋅ Cayenne pepper
⋅ Diced jalapeño
⋅ Clamato juice or tomato juice
⋅ Tabasco sauce
⋅ A variety of citrus

For a refreshing, sweet version of a MiChelada, try a FrutaChelada, which incorporates fresh fruit, a spicy rim mix, and Modelo Especial.

Keeping with your cocktail theme, utilize one of your martini glasses to present a delicious and stunning appetizer, such as this Spicy Mexican Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail. Pair the shrimp dish with a Corona Extra or Corona Light to complete the experience.


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