Do You Know the Pancake Man?

Do You Know the Pancake Man?

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Do You Know the Pancake Man?


By Cari Martens

Remember that children’s song that starts out, ‘Do you know the Muffin Man…?’ Well, I don’t know the Muffin Man personally, but I recently heard about a fellow who is known in Nebraska and neighboring states as the ‘Pancake Man’. Not only that, he now has a competitor who goes by the moniker of the Waffleman.

Jim Kuper, Pancake Man

Both gentlemen are in the business of fundraisers—and these two breakfast food entertainers are amassing some funds for themselves, too.

Featured in a story by Dionne Searcy for, the rivalry between the Pancake Man and the Waffleman seems fairly friendly.

Jim Kuper, aka the Pancake Man, has been flipping flapjacks for 25 years. After his agricultural equipment business went south, he took his pancake show on the road. And it is quite a show. Kuper can make 96 pancakes in 2 minutes, and can flip the cakes as high as 40 feet in the air, and, to the amusement of the fundraiser attendees, land them on their plates. He once made 16,000 flapjacks at one 4-hour gig. Kuper caters fundraisers for PTA groups, churches and high school clubs, Kiwanis groups and the like. He claims to hold the world record as fastest pancake flipper.

Kuper’s rival, the Waffleman, is a chap named Doug McCallum. McCallum saw Kuper do his thing at a school event a few years back and decided to start a similar business, using waffles instead of flapjacks. The Waffleman uses 27 waffle irons at his events, cranking out as many as 1,418 waffles in a day. His signature is speed. He doesn’t flip them into the air or anything.

Both Kuper and McCallum serve sausage as their preferred accompaniment. They both charge about $3 a plate for their services, depending on the type of event, while the sponsors keep all proceeds beyond that fee.

Sounds like a flippin’ good time. But I’m waffling as to which of the rivals’ events I’d rather attend. I guess I could flip a coin.

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