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FoodWire, September 2010

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FoodWire, September 2010



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Food Channel KitchensThe Gulf Coast: Chronicling a Comeback

In the wake of the disastrous oil spill—and Hurricane Katrina before that—the residents of the Gulf Coast are once again picking themselves up and rebuilding their lives and businesses. At The Food Channel we are bringing our readers some of the best articles from around the Web that tell the stories of what we believe will shape up as an inspiring comeback of the cooking, culture and spirit of the Gulf region. We’ve featured the views of people such as restaurateurs Ralph Brennan and Mario Batali discussing the future of seafood. You’ll find stories about creative fundraisers, a BlogHer Gulf Auction, and news about a new four-state coalition that says the Gulf is “ready 4 takeoff.” While many media news crews and cameras have moved on to cover other stories, The Food Channel will continue to monitor the story of a region’s resilience as it unfolds. So stay with us for ongoing updates.

Food Channel KitchensPreserving Summer’s Fresh Flavors       

Harvest season is upon us, and for many of us that means it’s time to “put up” some of summer’s bounty so we can savor the season a little longer. Canning, pickling and other forms of fresh preserving are enjoying a renaissance in the U.S. that’s been building for the last few years. Our feature story, “Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve,” touches on this renewed interest and offers a cornucopia of easy-to-make recipes for “refrigerator preserving” that will let you stretch the summer season into fall. You’ll also find links in this article to a number of other helpful stories and videos on canning and preserving.

Food Channel Kitchens¡Viva el Tequila!
In honor of Mexico’s bicentennial/centennial celebrations in 2010—of Independence Day and the Mexican Revolution—our September recipe feature brings you a handful of tasty “revolutionary recipes” for food and drink centered around our favorite Mexican import: tequila. Start with this beautiful Blood Orange Margarita.
Sangrita Sangrita
Serve alongside a shot of tequila and lime juice to mirror the Mexican flag.
burning love Burning Love
Light a fire to the festivities with this flaming cocktail.
grilled peaches Tequila-Avocado Soup
Pair this creamy chilled soup with a crisp salad on a warm evening.

Food Channel KitchensSurfingThe Channel
Michelle Obama Asks Restaurants to Do More in Fight Against Childhood Obesity
First Lady Michelle Obama told the board of directors of the National Restaurant Association that they need to do more “to lead the effort” in the fight against childhood obesity. The Food Channel was on the scene and offers complete coverage, including video of the entire 20-minute speech (in two parts).

Leaders with Guts: Phil Costner
Now the chief operating officer for Dallas-based la Madeleine Country French Café, Costner’s experience includes planning and oversight of foodservice operations at Universal Studios Hollywood and the Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando. He’s the latest subject in our FoodChannelPRO™ in-depth video interview series, Leaders with Guts.

Food Channel Facebook page
Gearing Up for Apple Season
Autumn’s here and apples are falling from the trees—and dropping into our recipes. This feature story brings them to you, as well as info on new studies that show apples may be even better for us than we knew.

Food Channel Facebook page
Feeding Your Facebook Appetite
Network with fellow foodies from around the world. Check out the Food Channel’s Facebook fan page.
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