New App Lets You Pay Tab with Your Smart Phone

New App Lets You Pay Tab with Your Smart Phone

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New App Lets You Pay Tab with Your Smart Phone


By Cari Martens

For those of us who are tired of handing over our credit card to a stranger, there’s a new way to pay the tab at a restaurant or bar.

Because nobody really likes watching as the server heads out of view with that credit card—where he could easily copy down info from that card—a new app has been invented called Tabbed Out.

Unfortunately, the 99¢ app is only available in the Dallas and Austin, Texas, areas right now. But we expect it (or others like it) to make its way across the U.S. in the very near future.

The app is being hailed as a secure, cost-efficient way for consumers to ante up without letting go of that credit card. It also means not having to wait for the server to deliver your bill, then wait again for him to return to get your card, then wait once more as he trots off to run your card.

You simply use your smart phone to pay for your meal. Tabbed Out includes a downloadable app for the phone, and software that is installed in the restaurant or bar’s point of sale system (basically, the cash register).

The customer stores credit or debit card information in the phone. At a location that’s part of the system, the customer uses the phone’s touch screen to open a tab. That transfers the card number to the restaurant’s cash register and links it to the specific food or drink order. Tabbed Out makes it simple to calculate your tip, too.

The customer can close the tab and leave at any time. But it also means you can’t duck out without paying. If you leave without closing the tab, the restaurant can close it for you. Each transaction is encrypted for security, according to Tabbed Out.

The app is currently available for Apple iPhones running Google’s Android operation system, and should be available soon for Blackberry phones. But, again, only in Texas at this time.

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