Planet Green Helps Others Speak Out On the Gulf Oil Crisis

Planet Green Helps Others Speak Out On the Gulf Oil Crisis

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Planet Green Helps Others Speak Out On the Gulf Oil Crisis



Planet Green is running what they call “a series of posts on the impact of the Gulf Oil Spill from chefs and food thinkers.” We’re all for it, especially when they bring us the high level of thought demonstrated in their recent interview with Mario Batali.

Just as we have heard from others in the region, Batali appears to believe that the perception problem is what is hurting the seafood industry the most.

Here are a couple of examples of his statements, but for the full article, we recommend you click here.

  • The PR sear has created an inhospitable feel to the products in the entire Gulf.
  • I think the best way to support the region is to travel down there to support local businesses and ask them what to eat.
  • We will soon search out sea cucumbers and new delicacies and develop new dishes from the new catch.

  • We can also count on hard-working Americans to find a way to participate in the reconstruction of their fragile economy and business climate.

There are other voices out there talking about the future of food. Let us know what you find and we’ll share it with The Food Channel audience, too.

The Food Channel is bringing you recaps of some of the best stories from around the Web that will help us all learn more about the true situation in the Gulf. Stay with us as the story unfolds and let’s see what the future of food may look like in the wake of crisis.


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