What Are You, Some Kind of a Nut? Fisher Nut Personality Quiz Helps You Find Out

What Are You, Some Kind of a Nut? Fisher Nut Personality Quiz Helps You Find Out

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What Are You, Some Kind of a Nut? Fisher Nut Personality Quiz Helps You Find Out


What Kind of Nut Are You? Crunch the numbers in the Fisher Nut Personality Quiz and perhaps you may find a clue to the real you.

QUESTION: A guest crosses the threshold of the door and arrives at a big, loud party. Does she make a grand entrance or does she quietly greet other guests on her way to the kitchen, where she checks on the busy hostess and offers her help?

The answers to 10 questions like this will determine a person’s nut personality in an online quiz and Facebook application from Fisher Nuts. Loosely inspired by a nut preference and personality type study done by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, this lighthearted approach to personality profiling is a quick and fun journey to self-discovery.

To learn their nut personality, users can take the quiz online at either the Fisher Nuts website: “www.fishernuts.com”:http://www.fishernuts.com; or at Facebook.com/fishernutsbrand.

During the 5-minute quiz, participants select answers to a variety of questions including: How do you feel at home? How do you feel at work? What is your personal motto? What would your prefect day be? What did you really want to say to that person?

The study by Dr. Hirsch included five types of nuts, to which personality profiles were determined. These personality types are:

  • Salted Peanuts: dramatic extroverts who crave novelty and thrive as the center of attention. They are easily bored with the usual routine, and while charming in social situations, are sensitive to criticism and rejection. These are people to take to a party. They probably love roller coasters and karaoke.
  • Almonds: scrupulous, conscientious, moral perfectionists who have high standards for themselves and others. While intensely motivated, they tend to become over-committed at work or home, taking on more projects than they can comfortably complete. Hands-on approach to problems makes almond-lovers ideal workers.
  • Pecans: devoted, loyal, true friends. Overly generous, pecan lovers will consider others’ needs before their own. Dependable, they are most comfortable with the usual routines of life. They are tenacious, committed team players who don’t require adulation, and are satisfied sharing accolades with their friends, family or co-workers.
  • Cashews: empathic, easy-going, and well adjusted. Cashew lovers make the perfect spouse or parent. Calm and level-headed, they can be depended upon in times of crisis or emergency. A cashew is a good person to have around when the plumbing goes awry or the lights go out. A cashew just knows what to do.
  • Walnuts: aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders. Competitive, successful, driven, intolerant of defeat. Walnut lovers demand the best at work and at home. They are easily irritated with the routine side of life. They cannot tolerate life’s inconveniences such as being stuck in rush hour traffic or waiting in long lines.

The original study, commissioned by Fisher Nuts, asked more than 1,000 men and women to select their favorite nut and complete a battery of personality tests. Once the results were correlated, the study found that everyone fell into one of five distinct personality types.

“Our quiz is an entertaining spin on the science of food preference,” says Julie Nargang, Director of Marketing – National Brands with John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., owner of the Fisher brand. “The quiz makes the nut connections easier to understand and more fun. Rather than just asking
people to tell us what their favorite nut is, we’re asking them questions that also give clues to their personality. Then we show them the nut that correlates to their personality type and cartoon avatars that go with them. It gives people another way to connect with nuts and tell the world more about who they are.”

Are you a health nut?

Bonding with nuts can also be a healthy habit. Nuts are packed with protein and other essential nutrients. In fact, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “diets containing one ounce of nuts per day can reduce your risk of heart disease.” Nuts also have a better balance of good versus bad fat than many traditional snacks, and include fatty acids that are good for cellular health.

By the way, those who make a grand entrance with flair might turn out to be peanut people – dramatic extroverts who thrive at the center of attention. Those who check in with the hostess first would likely be pecan people — overly generous folks who consider others’ needs before their own.

I took the quiz and when the Fisher people crunched the data…I was classified as a cashew. (Which incidentally is my favorite kind of nut.)

But I think my inner peanut is just dying to get out…and I’m NOT good at dealing with plumbing issues.

To discover what kind of nut you are, you can go to fishernuts.com or facebook.com/fishernutsbrand to find out!


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