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Looking for an alternative beverage that gives you the taste of wine without the alcohol? Step up to Salute Santé and its new “virgin vineyard grape juice,” NAPA VinJus™.

Food & Vine is the company that brings you Salute Santé!® Grapeseed Oils infused with roasted garlic, basil, chili, rosemary or lemon. They are committed to being a “green” company, producing and offering environmentally friendly products. And now, they offer what they describe as, “Refreshing virgin vineyard grape juice created for your sophisticated palate as an alternative when other beverages just won’t do.” The beverage is made in Napa Valley using wine making methods and is almost half the calories of regular wines.

Yeah, we were surprised, too.

m>This is a product found at the Winter Fancy Food Show sponsored by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. Look for more new products uncovered by The Food Channel!

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