Sweet Tooth Trend Report: Sophistication and Comfort Lure Consumers Today

Sweet Tooth Trend Report: Sophistication and Comfort Lure Consumers Today

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Sweet Tooth Trend Report: Sophistication and Comfort Lure Consumers Today


By Cari Martens

A new trend mapping report from the Center for Culinary Development describes the current American landscape of treats as ‘at once sophisticated yet comforting.’

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with artisan chocolate

The report identifies four overarching themes that are driving trends and new product development in confections and desserts.

  • Nostalgia – Sweets connect us to pleasant childhood memories, such as family celebrations and holidays. Recent innovative desserts have taken some of these familiar American flavors of yesteryear (malt, buttermilk, vanilla, caramel, sundaes, shakes, floats and pies) and spin them in new ways.
  • Indulgence – In a tough economy, people look for small, affordable luxuries, including sweets. The CCD says they’re seeing lots of ‘interesting combinations of indulgent flavors.’
  • Flavor adventure – Yes, Americans enjoy traditional/nostalgic flavors, but we’re up for trying new taste combos as well, including a willingness to experiment with global cuisines.
  • Artisan appeal – In the same way consumers are seeking out more local and organic foods, they’re showing greater appreciation for sweets that are fresher, made in small batches, or that are made by skilled craftsmen who practice fair trade policies.

Here’s a list of some of the trendier treats that are enjoying success in 2010, as reported in the CCD trend mapping report.

Colorful Parisian Macarons

Olive Oil Desserts in fine dining restaurants
Micro-batch Chocolate crafted by artisans and free-trade chocolatiers
Parisian Macarons – sophisticated sandwich cookies with unusual flavors
Sweets from Japan – exotic, colorful candy and cookies
Salty Sweets with combinations such as chocolate with bacon
Whoopie Pies – retro treat from the Northeast enjoying nationwide popularity
Caramelized Flavors such as butterscotch and dulce de leche

It all sounds pretty sweet to me. Except those olive oil desserts—not sure about those.

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