Why Did Dan Aykroyd Decide to Get into the Vodka Business?

Why Did Dan Aykroyd Decide to Get into the Vodka Business?

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Why Did Dan Aykroyd Decide to Get into the Vodka Business?


The Food Channel ran into Dan Aykroyd at the start of his promotional tour for Crystal Head Vodka. To see our interview, click here.

Here’s a little background on his love of spirits (in every sense of the word):

Dan Aykroyd has been involved with producing and distributing wine & spirits for the last 7 years. Crystal Head Vodka is his latest venture. It was his interest in the supernatural and the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls that inspired his creation of Crystal Head Vodka.

Aykroyd is said to have always had a fascination with ghosts, spirits, and extraterrestrial life (Ghostbusters, anyone?) The striking skull-shaped bottle celebrates the mystical legend of the 13 Crystal Heads possessed by tribal cultures such as the Aztec, the Mayan and the Navajo and recalls the celebration of the Mexican ‘Day of The Dead’ tradition.

Legend has it that the 13 Crystal Skulls are symbols of enlightenment and hope for a better future, and are believed to emit positive energy, goodwill & prosperity.

According to the people at Crystal Head Vodka, there is more:

⋅ 13 Crystal Skulls have been unearthed at various times on our planet… from the Yucatan to Tibet. Today, there are only 8 crystal skulls in private hands or institutions.

⋅ Each skull is unique in size and color and carved from 1 piece of quartz. These skulls are believed to be between 5000 and 35000 years old. Scientists estimate it took 300 to 500 years to carve one skull; however, they do not know how they were made because there are no discernable tool marks.

⋅ The origins of the Crystal Skulls are controversial. Some say they are real antiquities, and others say that they are fakes.

Now that you know more about vodka, be sure to see our full interview with Aykroyd, here.

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Click here for more exclusive photos from Dan Aykroyd’s night as celebrity bartender


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