Big-Flavor Pizzas for Your Big Game Party

Big-Flavor Pizzas for Your Big Game Party

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Big-Flavor Pizzas for Your Big Game Party


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Well the Big Game is fast approaching, like a running back streaking toward the goal line. Two classic NFL franchises are set to square off in Jerry Jones’s Palace in Dallas.

Whether you’re a Packer backer or a diehard Steelers fan, or just someone who loves a good party, the upcoming Super Bowl promises to be a fun time. Hey, even if you hate football, those million dollar TV commercials are always entertaining.

But if you’re the host, you need party food ideas. You want to offer more than potato chips and peanuts. You want to offer a spread that’s…well, super.

How about awesome homemade pizzas, made from recipes created by our Food Channel chefs (and football fans)? We’ve got an incredible lineup of pies that you can serve piping hot, with bubbly cheese and mouth-watering toppings. Much better than anything coming out of a cardboard box.

  • Our Buffalo Chicken Pizza has everything you love about buffalo wings and pizza…combined! It’s got crispy chicken tossed in buttery-hot-and-spicy Buffalo sauce piled on a golden bubbly cheese pizza garnished with crumbled bleu cheese, fresh-chopped green onions and even more zesty Buffalo sauce.
  • The fans will dig our Peppered Bacon Flatbread Pizza. It’s topped with crisp peppered bacon and enough gooey melted Italian cheese to please any cheesehead.
  • Our Master of the Universe Pizza is a hearty stuffed crust pizza layered with a four-meat blend of sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon and pepperoni, with black olives and bell peppers-–all smothered in gooey melted mozzarella cheese served with a side of red sauce for dipping. Powerful stuff.
  • For our classic BBQ Grilled Chicken Pizza, we layered smoky char-grilled chicken, bell peppers, red onions, sizzling bacon, barbecue sauce and sharp Cheddar cheese on thin crust pizza dough. We grilled it until golden and bubbly. Great finished with a drizzle of ranch dressing. 

Of course, we have plenty of other party food ideas beyond pizza, all deliciously suited for the big pigskin event. Just click on the recipe links in Related Recipes below to check them out…and have a fan-tastic party!


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