BottomsUp Beverage Dispensers Bring Bright Outlook for Beverage Profits

BottomsUp Beverage Dispensers Bring Bright Outlook for Beverage Profits

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BottomsUp Beverage Dispensers Bring Bright Outlook for Beverage Profits


By J. Harness

With the invention of GrinOn Industries’ new BottomsUp beverage dispenser and cups, the beverage world is flipping out over the benefits the system offers to the foodservice industry. The new system speeds the beverage pouring process, making it at least nine times faster. Baristas can now pour more and more quickly, stacking up profits with each empty cup. Just like their customers, operators want what they want when they want it, and they want the BottomsUp beverage dispensing system.

The dispenser is currently being marketed for pouring beer quickly, from the bottom of the cup to the top, with minimal spillage and waste. The company’s creativity took YouTube by storm and has since made the world’s baristas jealous. In fact, GrinOn has been fielding calls from Brazilian businesses more often than other countries wanting to purchase the BottomsUp beverage dispensing system.

Recently, the company reached an agreement with Anheuser-Busch regarding advertising rights. The little magnets in the bottom of each cup will be prime space for Anheuser-Busch’s messages in many venues, including Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals and the beer giant. There is still optimal advertising space available on the magnets at other venues, though.

Of course, football fans won’t be left out. Several National Football League stadiums will serve beverages dispensed with the BottomsUp system. Look out, Jaguars and Chargers … the 2011 season seems to be calling for frosty hydration served fast.

The applications for the BottomsUp beverage dispensing system in the foodservice industry are widespread. In addition to speeding up the serving process, operators will see far less spillage and waste than before. That means greatly extending the profits generated from those barley and hops beverages.

The BottomsUp system is not just for beer anymore, either. GrinOn Industries has developed the dispensing system for other beverages, as well – adding speed and expanding profits from many kinds of beverages. When one person can fill more draughts in a minute than he or she previously could in an hour, labor costs plummet to unbelievable lows, especially in bars or beverage-heavy businesses.




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