Correspondent Tammy Emineth

Tammy Emineth

Correspondent Tammy Emineth

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Correspondent Tammy Emineth


Food Channel Correspondent Tammy Emineth is a mom and foodie who tells it like it is–usually delicious! You can check out her reviews and opinions, and read on for a little more background on what makes her eat.

With only two days left before attending the Culinary Institute in Seattle I realized how much I would be spending on my “hobby” and declined.  Although I don’t regret it, I have gone on to pursue catering, in-home personal chef jobs and charity jobs all surrounding my favorite topic: food.

As a mom of two boys, it can be difficult to come up with recipes the whole family will love. I am not an “open a box and have dinner” type of mom. I constantly bring home unusual foods and produce from the market and love hearing my son say to a neighbor, “Just try it, it’s really good!” about items such as artichokes, clams, or brussel sprouts.

If I can’t afford to eat out at the most fancy of restaurants, I will learn to make the dishes at home and have attempted–with success–such dishes as 27 ingredient Top Chef winning recipe Oaxacan Black Mole.  I also make simple recipes as well, and know that using the best ingredients will make the simplest dish sing!

I love to write about food, but I love to cook it even more. I am a cook, not a baker, though, and there is a difference, just ask any baker. I love to try new foods, challenge myself with difficult recipes and taste my way around the world. I may not try offal or durian but I will stretch my imagination and taste buds to go beyond the typical meatloaf and mashed potato weeknight dinner.


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