More Food Trend Predictions for 2012

More Food Trend Predictions for 2012

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More Food Trend Predictions for 2012


It’s that time of year again, when hordes of folks crowd the malls, Santa, holiday lights and college bowl games are everywhere…and culinary prognosticators release their food trend predictions for the coming year.

The Food Channel has published its top ten list, but there are lots of other food trend forecasts currently making the rounds.

One that we found rather intriguing was recently released by Andrew Freeman & Co., a San Francisco-based hospitality consultant group. Here’s what they see in the tea leaves for 2012. Our comments are in italics.

This Spud’s for You. Potatoes any way you like them: customized mashed potatoes & chips and French fry menus. Did potatoes ever go away?

Grilled cheese is the new burger. Bigger maybe, but bigger than burgers? We don’t see it.

Hand Pulled Noodles. Yeah, okay, a new way for chefs to show off.

Modern Thai Cuisine. We’re all for getting more creative—something beyond just making it spicier.

Veggies in dessert. We’ll keep an open mind on this one.

Indian street food. Sounds like a low-risk way to experiment with it.

Stripped-down service. Pouring your own water, setting your own silverware, tearing/cutting your own bread. All the comforts of home!

Breakfast, the new dinner. Waffle House has never been so trendy.

Chefs creating edible landscapes. Is this an extension of our “New Agri-Chefs” trend?

Snow Ice. (From Taiwan). We’re guessing this will be a cut above what’s served at the Shave Ice huts that pop up every summer.

Go Hungary. Eastern European cuisine (Russian, Polish, German, Austrian, Hungarian) is gaining popularity. Goulash anyone?

Mixed Drinks on Tap. If it gets our cocktail to our table quicker, great.

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