Creepy, Crawly...and Craveable?

Creepy, Crawly...and Craveable?

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Creepy, Crawly...and Craveable?


David Moye, a contributer at has highlighted three brave women pushing for the acceptance of insects as food.  Each with a different take on why we should embrace this movement without the squeamishness that most women, and men, have at just the thought of picking up a bug, much less eating them! 

Daniella Martin, one such advocate claims “There is no shortage of good logical science behind the idea of insects as food,” she said. “They’re a good source for animal protein and can be easily implemented in regions where it’s hard to grow crops.

“However, insects have terrible PR — they need rebranding!” Martin has started a website called Girl Eats Bug, where you can learn how to cook with insects. “Would you care for some hot sauce with your larvae tacos?” “Or perhaps some deep-fried scorpion?”

On the other hand Rosanna Yau is a designer and woman who has detailed plans on getting Americans — especially American women – open to ingesting  bugs, she has even gone so far as to write a thesis on whether branding or packaging would make the edible insects concept more palatable. After finishing the thesis, she has expanded to a blog called, which is quite informational in the interest of edible insects.

Last but not least is Dianne Guilfoyle. Dianne is currently developing a nutritional supplement for body builders made from the phylum of various bugs, as an alternative from soy and whey which apparently can cause ‘Man boobs’ or ‘moobs’. My question, how does it taste?  And would you drink something call Bug Muscle?  It does include a nice blend of cricket and grasshoppers!

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