The Devil is in the Details. And the Ice

The Devil is in the Details. And the Ice

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The Devil is in the Details. And the Ice


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Most of us agree, many times it’s the little things that make the biggest impression. The matching pocket square arranged just so, a cute design traced into the foam of your coffeehouse latte, the properly served bottle of wine at a fine restaurant. These little details can elevate the normal to extraordinary.

When playing host to either a small gathering or large party, this detail-oriented attitude can help make your event a success. To that end, I have come across a great little item: the spherical ice tray set. At a cost of $16, the two trays included in the set each make two 2”-diameter ice balls.

What can be more mundane than the standard ice cube? Normally one doesn’t even give a thought to the ice served at a party. That’s all the more reason why your guests will be impressed by the perfect spheres of ice keeping their drinks cold. Even a glass of water will spark conversation and leave an impression. Now when’s the last time you had that happen at any party?


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